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Are you dealing with a professional Wedding Supplier?

Having worked in the wedding industry for a while now I have seen and heard all sorts of horror stories, from suppliers that did a very bad job to brides being let down with a supplier not turning up on their Wedding Day.

I have started this Blog to offer helpful tips and advice on all things Wedding which should hopefully make the wedding planning process go smoother and today we are going to talk about Professional Wedding Suppliers.

Are you planning your wedding and would like some advice on choosing a professional Wedding Supplier, I have five tips to check weather you are dealing with a professional wedding supplier, whether you are dealing with a wedding DJ or a Photographer these are five questions you should ask your supplier before going ahead with the booking to help you find out if they will be up to the job.

we could make the list of questions a lot longer but the five tips mentioned below is the absolute minimum that any wedding supplier should be offering to their clients, and if the answer to any of the questions below is NO, my honest advice is that you carry on looking.


Does your supplier offer a contract as part of the booking process?

Does your supplier have any business insurance such as Public Liability Insurance?

Does your supplier provide you with a land line number where you can contact him in case his mobile phone is not available?

Does your supplier provide you with an office or home address where you could find him if something went wrong?

Is there a backup plan in place in case something happens to your supplier and he cannot attend your wedding?


I hope you found this information useful and it can assist you in choosing a Professional for your wedding whether you are looking for a wedding caterer or a venue dresser these are generic questions that all wedding professionals should be offering as standard.

if you have any questions or there is a specific topic you would like us to talk about please email you queries to